Learn Witchcraft At Home


We are so excited to announce our new subscription box. 

You can now learn our mystical and magical techniques at home and now this box will include all the tools needed. 
This first box is focusing on unleashing your inner sun goddess. 
You will learn to connect with your inner warrior woman. You will learn how to channel her when you need self confidence. 
This box includes everything you need from a beautiful blend of herbal tea custom blended by us to really help you connect to your inner sun goddess. 
An amazing sculpted candled that is hand coated in gold shimmer.
A custom blend of spell oil, to use on yourself, to make a room spray, to use as a bath oil, or to use to anoint your candle. 
Geranium Flower Essence to help guide you on this journey 
And a beautiful herbal infused bath made with the intention sealed inside to aid in this journey as well. 
Each box features a new technique with products made especially for that month. 
Space is limited we have less than 15 boxes left. Check it out here

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