Quantum Manifesting

Quantum Manifesting

Quantum Leap Manifesting has always been way fun for me. 


It is all about energetic vibrations, knowing what you are calling in, and deciding how you can best achieve or come close to it right now…today. 


Here are the steps that I use when I am prepared to quantum Manifest. 


  1. I write a detailed list of what I want to achieve. I did that when we were setting up my business. In less than 3 weeks we were up and running with a course launched and clients signed up win 3 weeks.  So make that list, make it as detailed as possible. 


2. Then I do what I need to to raise my vibration to come from a place of happiness, and just complete gratitude for where I am in my life at this moment. 


3. I light a candle and ask that my guides help me me see the inspired actions that I need to take to bring what I desire into my  reality. This candle here is my favorite to use. It always gives the BEST wax readings if you are into that sort of thing. If you need help reading your wax, this group is always amazing at helping with that. 


4. I journal out what inspired action I have received and I decide what can be done right now to bring me as close as possible to my desired outcome. 


This is all it takes and seriously watch mountains move! 


If none of this works and you are still struggling we off a Quantum Bootcamp that is amazing. We cover everything from connecting with your guides, to healing ancestral trauma. You can access that course right here its offered currently at an incredible discount. 

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