What Can Your Birthmark Tell You about Your Past Life?

What Can Your Birthmark Tell You About Your Past Life?
For as long as I can remember I’ve heard different stories about birthmarks being the mark left behind by the cause of death in a past life. I recently had a client with a birthmark on their back. During the regression hypnosis the client witnessed the death by being stabbed in the back. Do you have any interesting birth marks?
Here is some information that I have gathered from various hypnosis practitioners who compared birthmarks with clients causes of death.
Stab Wound: If the birthmark is oval and slightly curved, then this is an indicator of a fatal stab wound imposed by a sword, knife, dagger etc.
Suicide Wound (by gun): This birthmark features an irregular shape that sometimes looks like a trail of blood is running off the face and it’s often on the face of the person.
Freckles (dark spots): Freckles are a sign in the past you may have had fire trauma. Sufferers from burns say that fire leaves a mark on the skin permanently.
Unhealed Burn Mark: This mark is dark and depending if the soul has healed the trauma will appear darker.
Healed Burn Mark: This birthmark is white is a remembrance of a burn by fire. Depending on how the soul has healed karmically, it will indicate how white the mark will show.
Bullet Wound: If the birthmark is circular with a jagged edge then it could be a sign of a past bullet wound. If the person has another birthmark that irregularly shaped that corresponds with the smaller round birthmark, then that’s another indicator that the person died of a fatal bullet wound.
Speared Through: Any spot on the eye indicates that it may have been directly punctured. Usually a form of assassination that is always fatal.
Scalped: This particular birthmark has a spot on the scalp that refuses to grow hair. This is trauma from your past life of the hair being forcibly removed.
We can carry over other traumas with us. I was born with plaque psoriasis all over my head, I am going to do a hypnosis this week to find out what caused that. If you have marks, or unexplained fear, or even an unexplained curiosity for a certain geographical location, a past life regression could unlock the mystery for you.
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XOXO Spring.

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