Intuitive Development FAQ

Intuitive Development FAQ

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 Intuitive Development FAQ

Are all of your services virtual?

Yes! Upon booking on the calendar, you will receive an email to join a free zoom meeting where sessions can be recorded and emailed to you post call. All services and packages are done remotely and do not effect the connection or ability to do a reading or practice strategies and techniques.

How do I know if I can connect to spirit/plants/animals/lost loved ones?

Everyone can! Every living thing has an energetic frequency and my program combines physics and energy with intuitive connections in order to learn to adjust frequency to match the connection you're aiming for.

What if I have no one to practice with/on?

You are provided access to a private group with other development clients in order to practice techniques with people who understand the process in a safe space.

How does intuitive development aid in my every day life?

Intuitive development provides confidence and clarity around your next steps in your journey or business. 24/7 access to divine guidance. The ability to simply check in with a yes or no question through your day if you struggle to make a decision from conscious mind or intuition.

These connections allow for the ultimate success with clients, to aid in their healing and direction, or your own.

It provides the blessing of understanding afterlife, and that death of the human body is not death, decreasing massive stored fear energy.

This program provides the gift of evolving consciousness, the utmost elevation into new perspective, surrender to flow and creation with ease.

Decreases the need to control how or when circumstances occur as you gain a vital understanding of the way energy and spirit work together on Earth for the highest possible good of all.

Development rapidly raises your energetic frequency, allowing for new perspectives, energy and the ability to release what no longer serves with ease.

The strategies in the development programs are essential to quantum manifesting, as well as connecting to your higher self, spirit team and lost loved ones.

Techniques can be used to see future possible outcomes or pull direction from other timelines/realities in the quantum space, or from a spirit guide who exceeds space/time.

Note: Spirit, energy and consciousness (including yours) supersede time & space. Time all occurs simultaneously and so in one point in space the future is happening now, in another point in space the future has already occurred.  This is exponentially beneficial in the sense that you can trace your energy through to learn what has already happened, which choices were successful, and the list goes on.

How do messages come through?

Messages come through in all forms of the "clair" senses or the spiritual sensory system. For example, clairvoyance comes through in images that need to be translated into messages. Everyone has two or more prominent spirit/psychic senses, but all clair senses eventually develop and are utilized. Astral projection is another way to connect and receive messages and this technique is included in the development packages.

I have a recorded free masterclass discussing all of the routes messages appear as well as how they show before development and after. Please feel free to message or email me if you would like the link to view the recording.

What are the charts and maps listed in the Intuitive Development Program?

The charts are frequency charts and created to utilize in order to match frequencies and develop connections to other living things (human, plant, animal, spirit).

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes! My impact is to ensure everyone has this connection to not only the world, but to their higher selves to live their most fulfilling life. If the payment plan listed in the sales page does not suit your needs, please feel free to message or email me.

How long does it take to develop from no intuitive skills to full Mediumship?

This depends on your limiting beliefs. It took me two weeks to go from 0 skill to on-demand and then 3 months in order to be able to receive messages while talking or interacting with others (without going into a meditative state to receive messages). Everyone is different, but often times knowing that it can be done decreases the amount of time that it will take. Limiting beliefs for this often consist on growing up religious (thinking the work is of the devil), fear of the unknown or fear of coming across a heavy/bad spirit, and not believing that you are as powerful as you are or can accomplish this. Don't worry, we work through all of these fears in the program.

How often do I have to practice through the program?

Every day for a minimum of 20 minutes, this can be done through guided meditation or using various other strategies and techniques that will be provided. Every day practice will have the best possible results and the fastest possible development.

Do you offer a discovery call to discuss the programs?

Yes, listed in the coaching services there are calendars to book free discovery calls, please also feel free to email for further information or difficulty booking a consult.

Do I have daily access to you in the 1:1 programs?

Yes! I am available for coaching through message/chat through the week outside of our weekly calls, I'm very active in chat on a daily basis and love hearing progress or aiding clients through the week.

What are your certifications?

I am certified in Ho'opoono, Reiki lll and I'm an apprentice Shaman. In addition I completed 3 years of college as a science major with interest in physics on a subatomic level. I have been intuitive my entire life, but only opened myself to development after my husband passed in 2016.

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