Juno Retrograde Astrology Reading

Juno Retrograde Astrology Reading

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June Retrograde April 12, 2021- August 2 ,2021

Asteroids govern area that influence how we behave in relationships. So it is no surprise that retrogrades would also effect us. 

Juno  is named after Jupiter's Wife. The Greek Goddess Hera, this is the asteroid of marriage. 

This retrograde will effect your:

Commitment Style, How you cohabit, and What type of partner you are attracted to. 

This will also effect how you co-habitat, co-parent, and co-owning a business. 

You may be rethinking  and reconsidering why you are in your current partnership. 

You may be asking if your needs are being met.  Or if your loyalty and commitment are being matched.

Juno and Sagittarius are mismatched, Juno has a natural pull to merge with someone regardless of the ramifications Sagittarius is for of a freedom loving go with the flow type energy. This combination will make everyone uncomfortable.  This can trigger a period of jealousy, revenge tactics, and tension. 

There positives. If you are stuck in a dead end relationship this will give you the kick you need to end it. This can be romantic, friendship, or business partnership. 

If you are single this will help you rethink and reformulate your non-negotiable in your search for a partner. 

Your boundaries will be redefined.

If you want a personal reading to see where and how this is effecting you. Book a reading with Spring now! 

This will be a private reading done on Zoom. It will be recorded and provided to you free of charge. 

I will message you for your birthdate, time, and locations after you purchase the reading and book your appointment.