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November 16 Streaming for 7 days. 
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We have Spiritual Speakers covering all kinds of topics that you have always wanted to know about. 
Laura Mazzotta is an expert therapist, certified Akashic Records Practitioner, and Reiki Healer with over 16 years of experience. Her mission is to teach The Akashic Records to as many people as possible so that they can activate deep healing and move toward ease, energy and confidence. She is passionate about guiding therapists, coaches and healers in the space of the Records to gain clarity and decisiveness in their business for their clients. Laura knows true healing occurs much more powerfully when all components (physical, mental, energetic and spiritual) of a person's issue are addressed. She's here to guide her clients in all steps on that journey. 
Sarah Chandler is a Higher Dimensional Contact Specialist Channel. She is able to connect through you to aid you making connection with your upper dimension contact specialist and ascended masters. This experience provides deeper knowledge of who you are, the lessons you are here to learn and what actions can aid you in quantum leaping into your future.
Natalie Medrano is an Arcturian, Sirian and Light Language Channel. She discusses the importance of the heart chakra, how to utilize it to channel and provides light language activations. 
Michelle Miller is an Empathic healer who has been studying dreams for 4 years, learning how sleep impacts the waking state, while the waking state impacts the dreams. A developed dream interpreter; knowing what needs to be healed and dealt with. Mastering the technique of healing the subconscious through dream state.
Heather Hargrave is a Spiritual Market Business Coach with a lifetime of marketing and branding experience. She will be sharing some fabulous marketing and branding musts for your spiritual business. 
Liz Bunn, a Certified Reiki Master “started” her spiritual journey about 10yrs ago. It was at this time, had been introduced to energy medicine as well as crystal healing and other modalities. She always felt a calling to be a healer and even considered other healing practices but nothing quite fit. It was during this time, she started looking for something more and has spent this time learning about Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakras, and now most recently Intuitive Healing. With this knowledge, she has now started Lotus Rae Healing, as a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer.

Cossondre Bahr is a Spiritual Evolution Coach she will be talking about psychic senses, mediumship, time/space, energy, the possibilities of use, how to integrate it into daily life and the possibilities provided through development. 
Spring Houltin is Past Life Regression Hypnosis and Channeling Specialist. She does past life regression hypnosis as well as past life channeling. She will be talking about the difference between the two, how lessons, traumas and experiences from past and future lives effect our current life and the possibilities of healing and change of mentality they can provide. 
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