Crystal Skull Connection Package

Crystal Skull Connection Package

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Legend has it that when the 12 lost crystal skulls of Atlantis are recovered and reunited, it will signal the beginning of the ascension of Mankind to the Divine realm.

Crystal skulls in Atlantis were used to induced profound visions and psychic experiences. Many profess that crystal skulls have consciousness and can communicate telepathically. They can been used in many ways:

o Connecting to the original skulls of Atlantis
o Connecting to higher-dimensional crystal energy
o Enhancing meditation
o Enhancing manifestation
o Uplifting and protecting surroundings
o Expanding intuitive abilities
o Connecting with chakras
o Clearing negative energy blockages
o Purifying the karmic energy of a soul throughout all time

The 12 Atlantean skulls, each holding the mastery of one of the 12 temples of Atlantis, were hidden until mankind can again handle this great energy. They are now allowing themselves to be found. For example, let’s consider the skull from the legendary Temple of Animals in Atlantis. The world today treats many animals with dreadful cruelty, but our global compassion for the animals is rising. It is at the greatest level I have ever seen, although there still is a long way to go. When we honour, respect and love the animal kingdom at the appropriate level, skull of the Temple of Animals will be found. As we work with the crystal skull energies, they lift up our world and our lives.

In this study at home course, you will receive 

A crystal Skull

Higher Consciousness Elixir in a 2oz. Skull Dropper bottle: (Ingredients: Cinnamon, Lavender, Jasmine, Rose petals, Raw Honey, Vanilla, alcohol preservative) 

Skull Intention Candle

Crystal Skull Course

You will learn how to connect to you skull.

Name your crystal skull, how to activate your crystal skull and how to work with your crystal skull.