Targeted Astrology Reading

Targeted Astrology Reading

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There are many different types of Astrology readings and choosing one is based on your reasons and the answers that you are looking for, so lets take the guesswork out of wondering which one to choose! Start by asking yourself what you are seeking in order to determine the best reading for you. Here are some of the top astrology readings.

Question: “Am I with the right partner/spouse/boss?”

Synastry: This type of astrology reading is perfect if you want to get down to the nitty gritty details of a particular relationship based on how the planets affect one another. 

Question: “What’s ahead for me and how can I prepare?”

Soul Purpose: While you can’t create a game plan for everything life throws your way, a soul purpose reading gives you some insight on what to expect using a blend of astrology, tarot, and numerology.

Question: “Why is this person in my life?”

Karmic Relationship: We tend to meet and travel with people from a past life whose goal is to learn and experience the present—quite possibly with you. Advisors often consider these types of relationships soulmates.

Question: “Where is the best place for me to live/work/find love/etc.?”

Relocation: This reading is a good pick if you’re considering making a major change that involves relocating, whether that means a new office on the other side of town or a new home across the country.   

Question: “What are some of my best/worst qualities?”

Natal: This reading is a deeper dive into your birth chart so you can begin to have a real sense of self-discovery.

I use a combination of Intuitive Guidance, Astrology, Tarot Cards and Numerology to get you a targeted reading. I love seeing how they all work together so Im bringing that to you. 

Your reading will be given to you during a 60min Zoom call that is recorded for you. After payment is processed you will receive an email with your appointment and zoom link. I will also contact you for your birthdate, time, and location in order to pull your Astrology Chart. 

So pick what type of reading you would like from the drop down menu and lets get you some answers.